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Our Ideology

We strive to provide natural food products directly to your doorstep,Our Mission.jpg clean and hygienic, at the best price. We expertise in Kadaknath, Indian pure breed of Chicken, which shows exceptional levels of Protein and extremely low Fat and Cholesterol levels. Our vision has also widen to various aspects be it the very loved Seafood, exotic live fishes brought home for Hobbyists, exotic plants for the Green-Goers and Goat farms for the Meat Lovers.

Not only this but we also provide you with Technical Engineering Solutions regarding Inspection Needs and Corrosion Control on the Industry level.

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Quality Is What That Matters!!

Quality GearAll the products be it Kadaknath Chicken, Gavran Chicken or wealth of the sea are carefully selected to ensure 100% Natural Quality to be consumed in its purest form which is what we deliver from our end. Hence, we always like to have loyal customers who believe in our quality which matters to them the most.

Moving towards the goal of perfection by continual improvement through ways of customer feedback, we consider customer satisfaction to be the key element.



Kadaknath, also known as ‘Kali Masi‘ is the Indian Breed of Chicken. This black fleshed chicken is known for its medicinal qualities, high protein and low fat and cholesterol levels.

Eating Kadaknath meat once a week gives the following benefits:

  • Controls Blood Pressure and Diabetes.
  • Controls and treats Asthma.
  • Controls Cholesterol.
  • Increases Immunity and cures Impotency.
  • Increased Proteins intake which support body building and helps in rejuvenating human body.
  • Improves Eyesight.
  • Best Antioxidant and Energy Booster.
  • Rich source of Vitamins A and E.

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It’s Nature’s Made

We ensure the quality of the products at Muskan Enterprise promising health with taste.

What Do We Offer?

Free Range Chicken Shed.jpgHormone Free.jpg

High Proteins, Low Fat and Cholesterol present in a hormone and antibiotic free chicken which is maintained in free roaming area and are fed grains with traditional techniques of raising poultry rather than chemicals. It is the Indian Breed known as Kadaknath or ‘Kali Masi’ which has the best to offer you and your loved ones.

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Join Us In Our Mission

Join UsJoin Us In Our MissionWelcome to the SmarrtFarm Kadaknath Farmer Association (SKFA), Our Association promises Healthy, Organic and Reasonably priced farm products in our mission. With your help we intend to grow in India and over seas every passing second. We request you to join us in the mission to set the benchmark for the quality in food products. Associate with best of best to grow united.

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