About Us


Muskan Enterprise

We are a multiple solution company by the name,  “Muskan Enterprise” operating by the brand name of “Smarrt Farm” (Eco and Organic Farming),  wherein we cater to the following  customer needs:


Smarrt Poultry Farm

Smarrt Farms offers fresh, free range chicken and other live poultry including the Indian chicken breed Kadaknath, Gavran, Turkey, Quail, Rhode Island Red.

Smarrt Seafood Store

Visiting the local fish market has become a cumbersome activity, Smarrt Farms delivers to the doorstep various types of fishes (sea and freshwater) like Prawns, Pomfret, Surmai, Rawas, Ruhu and Katla.

Smarrt Live Exotic Fish Store

Smarrt Farms loves its aquarium hobbyist and offers them at reasonable price a wide variety of exotic fish breeds like Flowerhorn (Indian, Exported), Guppies, Angelfish and Arowana.

Smarrt Exotic Plant Nursery

Smarrt Farms has to offer to its customers a wide variety of plants from kitchen garden to exotic plants, Ferns, Flowering plants, Mosses, Rashi and Vastu plants, Aquatic plants.

Smarrt Goat Farm

Smarrt Farms can provide various varieties of goats including  Sirohi, Sojat and Kota. We also offer special Eid goats and boarding facility and Pallai facility.

Total Solutions

Total Solutions is the engineering backup provided by Muskan Enterprise which is the service provider servicing to the inspection needs and also giving solutions for corrosion control.

Smarrt Rainwater Harvesting Technology

Muskan Enterprise has developed technical know-how and design of harvesting rainwater making it usable all year round.